Our Business

Our Technologies

Optoelectronic Design Technology

Using light collection, reflection, diffusion and other technologies, we can effectively control light produced by LEDs.In this way, we are responding to market needs for illumination and communication.

Sensing Design Technology

We products and the application of the illuminance sensor for detecting the brightness, has designed and developed a product to apply, such as human sensor for sensing the presence of a person around in the infrared and 24GHz microwave radar.
And further, we will be to analysis by adding a special algorithm to the sensor, to allow a more precise measurement and detection.
We are conducting research to take advantage of the sensors in a wide range of fields such as medical and nursing care.

Software Design Technology

KOHA boasts highly reliable software development technologies, accumulated through extensive experience in control program design.Based on these technologies, we are making products more functional with higher added value.

Mechanical Design Technology

We will find innovative uses for plastic, rubber and other materials and pursue optimal applications based on our expertise in making products waterproof, dust-proof, thinner, lighter and more compact.

Circuit Design Technology

KOHA's unique circuit design technology meets demand for intelligent electronic equipment.We are responding to the need for greater integration, higher speed, lower power consumption and reduced noise.